#291 A Community Change process to mirror the System Change process
Closed: no action needed 4 years ago by bcotton. Opened 4 years ago by ankursinha.

From my experience on the move to the new Ask Fedora, and the new Join SIG process, I've come to realise that while System changes get the required visibility through the Change process, there isn't a similar process for changes that affect the community. Even though these are published on the comm-blog etc., that's doesn't seem to be enough. There is no formal document that lists the advantages/disadvantages, the contingency plans, the stakeholders and so on. The discussion around these happen in limited channels with an audience that is deemed relevant, but ideally, these changes should be announced to the whole community so that everyone is:

  • aware of the changes,
  • is aware of how it may affect them,
  • has the chance to weight in,
  • has a chance to join and help with the change.

So, given that these changes to affect the whole community, I would like to propose that a Community Change process be set up to mirror the System Change process that we have in place.

I've filed the ticket here instead of Mindshare or Commops because this needs to come from the Council. What do folks think here? If we agree on the utility of such a process, we can start looking at the implementation details---the system change process works very well and provides us a good template to use.

Changes that would've benefited from such a process:

  • moving Ask Fedora to Discourse
  • the new Join SIG process
  • the Git forge change (and other CPE changes)
  • the move to Weblate
  • the Logo change?
  • the vision statement change?

Thanks for starting this conversation, @ankursinha! I think the mailing list is a better place for us to have the initial conversation, since this is less a proposal to be voted on and more an idea/request to come up with a process. I started a thread, so let's have the conversation there for now.

Another example that comes to mind was the discussion about making Telegram "official". #232

This has been submitted as mindshare ticket 197, so I'm going to close this until such time as there's a need for Council action.

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4 years ago

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