#280 Add the Fedora goal of having complete integrated system
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In recent discussions it appeared several times that contributors are concerned if Fedora continues to be complete or "falls apart" due to containerization, modularity, flatpacks, and all other initiatives.

Our current mission statement extends the Fedora scope to build a platform rather than distribution, which I support. But it doesn't have a promise that we don't lose the basics.

I think it would help if we explicitly set one of the goals of Fedora Project to provide a complete fully-integrated packaged system, which can be used without isolation layers between the components.

We could still argue on details. We may get into issues which contradict with this goal and which we would need to resolve somehow. But we would have a common goal and a baseline for all conversations.

Worded like this, it implies all delivery formats must somehow work with all the others, which is simply not possible in the case of containers or flatpaks, and, to some extent, modules.

What exactly are you trying to pursue?

Worded like this, it implies all delivery formats must somehow work with all the others

No. It implies that we extend the list of delivery formats, but we don't remove the basic one.

"complete" system doesn't mean all apps and services provided by the Fedora platform are available and integrated there. It means that there is a subset of apps and services, which is available as a well-integrated system, and this subset covers the "basics".

I do want to be able to run a browser, a mail client and a text editor on my system without containerizing them. Not any browser and not any mail client and not any text editor, but there should be a compatible set.

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Copying from the e-mail:


It maybe worded differently, but in short, I'd like to see the "Integrate First" statement added to our core values, somewhere next to the Upstream First thing.

I think the ability to communicate and collaborate (and integrate) is that missing piece that Peace and Prosperity goal struggles with right now. Together with the definition of what the "to integrate" means.

And I prefer to see Fedora's mission not to try and take over the world, but to fill in this gap, based on previous successful experience over many years, but also together with finding new ways, new workflows and even new definitions for it.

@bookwar could you draft what you propose as a pull request so that we can discuss the specifics? I think I'm on board with what you said, but it's not clear where you intend it to fit and what the details are.

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I'm reading this late, but I also think that I understand what @bookwar's thought is. We don't have the objective of "creating a Linux distribution" but that's one of our core products (Fedora Workstation) and this one needs to be a system that works without breaking, and until now, it needs to be in the traditional way (that product still is an rpm-based distribution). I can't wait to see the proposal

Closing this, not because this is bad, but because this really fits into the work we need to do as a Council in the next few months for our overall new 3-5 year plan. So, I'm going to mark this as "deferred", but @bookwar, please bring those ideas to our discussions.

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