#277 Fedora IoT Edition Promotion
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The final step in this phase Fedora IoT objective: the promotion of the current “emerging Edition” to a top-level Edition. This was planned for F30 but we were not quite ready. We are ready for F31. So, this ticket is to ask for council approval of that promotion.

After this approval, changes will be filed with FESCo to update https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/31/ReleaseBlocking and any associated docs.

As a practical matter, because Raspberry Pi 4 support is not yet complete, we plan to keep presenting IoT as “emerging” until sometime after the F31 GA release. We don’t want initial press reaction to get hung up on that. With the upcoming holidays, we’re aiming for a January announcement.

We also plan to use this intervening time to announce a contest for a catchy name for the Edition to match Silverblue and CoreOS. Then, we can announce with the new name. (Thanks @bexelbie for this idea.)

+1 -- let's do it! Thanks @pbrobinson for all your hard work on this!

I can file the FESCo request for modifing the release blocking deliverables (note that it will be for F32 at this point) after approval, if you want.

We can also use the Elections app to conduct name voting if you want. We can discuss this outside the ticket.

I'm okay with voting to approve this now with an effective date of sometime in January, but I'd like to have a specific date that it would take effect. Do you have a marketing/press plan for this, or should we try to get that ball rolling?

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Yay +1 from me definitely!

+1 should we wait to publicly promote this as an edition until the pi support is in place to prevent the press from jumping early?

I had a conversation with Ishu and we wanted to propose this strawman and some extension ideas. Everything is up for debate, but we need to move quickly. Dates are approximate.

  • 1 November - Peter opens a pagure issue in the IoT repo collecting ideas for names
  • 7 November - We ask legal for a soft-vet of these names - designers can start ideating here
  • 15 November - We run a Fedora Elections vote for names (range voting) and do as heavy of a PR/marketing campaign as we can.
  • 1 December - we have a final name and send it for strong legal review and finalize any logo imagery
  • 31 December - we have legal clearance and a logo - we produce swag for DevConf and FOSDEM (see below)
  • 25 January - We launch the new edition and do a sponsorship at DevConf including swag, PR if possible, and participation in the final prize ceremony. This is probably around $2500++ to cover the swag for the attendees (water bottles) or coffee promotion. We need to talk to DevConf to get this arranged (for clarity this doesn't actually feed DevConf's budget - we pay for consumables only). Hopefully Peter and crew have also landed talks at DevConf
  • 2 February - the promotion of IoT continues as the theme for our FOSDEM booth. Hopefully Peter and others can be primary staffers and they land a talk in the Distro Dev Room.


This is an aggresive timeline and assumes we can get swag, legal and devconf organized. I think it is possible if we move quickly.

Do we want to offer a prize for the selected name?

Perhaps even: small prizes for the top N names which make it to the vote, and a larger one for the selected name?

Do you mean a prize for people who suggest names that make the vote? We can ... adds to our budget but that isn't a challenge. I am very in favor of spending money on an Edition launch. This feels like a good precedent.

Proposal approved (+4,0,0). Implementation is left to @pbrobinson, who will keep the Council informed.

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