#275 Websites team needs revitalizing
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From today's Council meeting:

Here's the short version: Since robyduck got a new job (good for robyduck!) there hasn't been much of a websites team. CPE (Formerly Fedora Infrastructure) picked up the slack, but this timing has coincided with that team re-focusing their mission much more narrowly and explicitly excluding websites. I understand the reasons for this but it's left us in a bad place. For example, the spins and labs pages were not updated for the beta release and the parts that were updated were done by stickster which is definitely not part of his job. So we need to figure out how to rebuild that team, and help to do so is not coming from Red Hat, at least in the near term.

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We ended up touching on this ticket in the virtual Council face-to-face yesterday, and also in the WebDev / DevOps / Websites & Apps team ( :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) meeting today. This ticket may also tie together to fedora-commops#225.

@mattdm started a new Discussion thread about this work. See that thread for more details about the on-going work.

Thanks @t0xic0der, @ramyaparimi, @misc, @mattdm, and @riecatnor for a great conversation this morning. Excited for where this goes next. :stars:

So now that we have a Websites & Apps Team revamp objective, any objections to closing this ticket?

+1 to closing this ticket

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