#27 Proposed Schedule for PRD Refresh
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As discussed in the Hangout meeting today, we need to do a periodic refresh of the PRDs to make sure they are kept up-to-date. I propose that each of the Edition, Base and Env/Stacks groups should provide an update by 23:59 UTC on June 12, 2015 for review. This gives a little over a week for them to be reviewed prior to the Change Submission Freeze as currently scheduled.

+1 to the schedule. It's Kinda Soon, but that's the nature of a six-month cycle, and doing it now rather than later will allow things to actually land for F23. (I think the only real alternative is to instead have a much later deadline and target F24+.)

Previously, these were reviewed by FESCo and then ACKed by the board. Is that the process we want here as well?

Smooge: yes, exactly.

Thank you smooge for the disambiguation and links :)

I just realized I forgot to submit this here: The Server SIG and WG approved the following minor clarifications to our PRD which we now submit to the Council for ratification:

I have opened ticket #31 (PRD Review: Server Edition) and #32 (PRD Review: Workstation Edition) for performing these reviews.

I have incorporated PRD review for year 2016 into F-24 schedule. Please let me know your comments.
* [https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-24/f-24-council.html F-24 PRD review schedule]

There are approx. 2 weeks for proposing PRD changes, followed by a workshop on FLOCK, followed by approx. two weeks for final approval after the FLOCK. (Note: as the FLOCK dates for 2015 are not know ATM, I am using 2015-08-01 ... 2015-08-07, just to have here something).

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