#254 Close out current modularity objective. Consider and potentially approve next phase.
Closed: declined 2 years ago by bcotton. Opened 2 years ago by mattdm.

The current modularity objective was scheduled through F29. There are still a lot of loose ends and packager experience things that can be approved. What's the next step?

Updated proposal announce to CommBlog and mailing lists.

I am seeing a lot of comments posted on the PR and no responses/edits.

The public comment time has passed. Council members are asked to vote on this proposal now. We will use the full consensus model.

I'd like to see some updates based on the comments as @bex noted

I'm -1 on this until the community feedback is incorporated. It's worrying that there has been little visible engagement with the community concerns.

Given the very active discussions in devel@ I suggest we put any extension hold pending them resolving into a new proposal. I am not sure if that means we suspend the objective or just let it sit or what.

Closing this objective. I will work with the new owners of Modularity within Red Hat to create a new objective proposal

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2 years ago

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