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We need a timeline for when we want to launch the new logo. We have some swag remaining with the old logo and some items in the fedora cool stuff store.

I suggest we adopt a launch date of no earlier than May 7 (RH Summit) and possibly adopt a strategy of begining to use the logo at events on May 7 and updating our websites around the same time, but deliberately running out old supplies.

Another option is to pick a date and I will have old logo supplies disposed of.

I am sure there are variants on these themes, so what do we want to do?

May 7, of course, is not just summit but also our likely release date for F30. (Ideal target is a week earlier.)

I guess the first question is: what do we want to do for F30? Should we attempt to switch the logo then? If so, should we aim for a complete switch across the distro and all websites or a phase-in?

@mattdm thanks for the prompt on the release date, my mind was elsewhere this morning. My gut feeling is that we should switch effective F31 so we have time to plan this as a project.

That doesn't sound unreasonable. :)

I was thinking we might use the existing logo at F30 launch and start phasing in the new one immediately after, including at Summit, but I'm open to postponing to F31 to make a more definitive cutoff if that's what people think will be best.

I already asked @duffy to send Jen the new logo for the Summit booth, but it's probably not too late.

I think we should start getting it out in Fedora 30, we will want to have it in use at Flock, and showing it off at Summit will be good. It may not be entirely possible to switch everything on F30 day 1, but where we can reasonably do so we should.

I think we should start getting it out in Fedora 30, we will want to have it in use at Flock, and showing it off at Summit will be good. It may not be entirely possible to switch everything on F30 day 1, but where we can reasonably do so we should.

I agree. Waiting for F31 feels like we miss several opportunities to showcase our new logo. My question is how much old stuff do we have and how long would it take to run out of it?

I am also for rather sooner than later. It would be strange for the community to know that there will be a new logo but still using the old logo for longer than necessary.

@bex do we have a lot of old logo swag left? I really don't want to waste what we already have produced but it would be good to get the new logo out soon.

I understand the desire to see the logo in effect sooner. I had a conversation with @mattdm yesterday and we both realized we haven't gotten legal approval yet - so that is one source of delay.

Additionally, RH Summit is less about our target audience so we think that not trying to use that as a forcing function gives us time to ensure we have legal approval and designs ready. All of this is probably around 2 months which puts us at mid-May or early June. These are both potentially great if we want to plan a logo-announce splash.

A concern with launching before F31 is that we really should be careful with updating the logo on the shipping release. There are valid reasons to consider an interface change, even one many of would see as minor, as a breaking change. If we aren't going to have the new logo in the software, should we still use it early? We need to decide. If we decide to wait for F31 (or just before to build a press cycle) we could always soft-launch it at Flock and make sure our contributors are the first to get new logo swag.

As far as current inventories, we have a lot of stuff in stock because we bought a ton of swag at the end of 2017 expecting to use it in 2018. Some of those events did not materialize.

I am going to begin shipping swag for upcoming events, including FLISOL which should absorb a bit of swag. I'll also repurpose some for RH Summit which will absorb more. I don't think we can be out by June, but hopefully we can be close. If we can get more small events organized sooner - that would help a lot (I'm look at you F30 release parties!).

@nb I know the inventories I maintain as I mentioned. However, as you know, NA has refused to put their swag into the common inventory. Can you help me find the NA based swag so that we can work it out in support of the whole project?

@nb Sure. I will contact the other shippers in NA and ask what they have. As for my supply, I don't have much swag left, mainly just case badge and a few pens.

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Just as an FYI, we're having a trademark meeting on this 23 May. Hopefully we'll have a better idea of timeline from that. Moving forward the design team is trying to create any new designs in such a way that a logo swap is easier.

Hi, quick update. We (myself, @mattdm, @bex, and @spot) attended the aforementioned trademark meeting yesterday. We learned that we will need to plan any new logo launch for no sooner than FY2021, the beginning of the next budget cycle. This is so that the legal team will have funds available to process the trademark filing, etc. which they do not currently have for this project this fiscal year (FY2020.)

In the meantime, we will continue to use our current logo and produce items using it.

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