#196 Request permission to make and sell Fedora merchandise
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Absolute Solutions, Inc. would like to request permission to make and sell Fedora merchandise, such as embroidered shirts, keychains, can koozies and patches. nb has shown mattdm the shirts and keychains and mattdm suggested I seek permission to sell these and give a portion back to Fedora in the form of free merchandise.


These look nice. Fedora Ambassadors North America ordered some of the keychains and patches about a year ago. I also had a polo shirt made (which mattdm saw at the Mindshare FAD and suggested we get @absolutesites permission to sell the items)

@spot I believe this is your territory?

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Yeah. It is. I will follow up with them.

@absolutesites Can you please email me at tcallawa@redhat.com so we can start the conversation?

@spot (Tom Callaway) Thank you for your reply. I will email you this evening from my personal email.

@spot what's the status here?

I need to follow-up. Will do that this afternoon.

Ben and I have been corresponding on this, and I am starting the process of reviewing the designs and proofs that he wishes to produce.

Given that there seems to be strong interest in adopting a new logo, do we really want to proceed with this request now, rather than wait for a new design to be created/approved?

Good call; I think at this point we should hold on new production of merchandise.

That said, is there a separation between the vendor and ability to produce up-to-standards merchandise and the approval of any specific goods?

Our contracts specify specific logo and approved designs that use those logos. It would not make a lot of sense to review proposed designs if we're about to overhaul them.

Agreed; let's not waste people's time.

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