#180 Explain why people should create an Objective
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In the Objectives page, we briefly tell what they are and link to current ones, but we don't really explain what they are or why people should file an Objective.


I think we should help community members understand what the value in proposing an Objective is and why it is a good thing to do if they have a 12-18 month vision for something in Fedora.

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Hi, following up on this. Since the last comment, the Objectives document was migrated to the Fedora Docs site.

A new issue, council-docs#44, is related to this issue and gives a more concrete example of how this ticket can be complete. It would be great to see this change made before the end of 2018, in light of major restructuring and changes to Fedora Ambassadors into Fedora Advocates.

The Council has created a new strategy that will soon be presented to the community. It clarifies this.

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I suggest closing this after a strategy is presented? Closing the ticket makes it easy for this to be dismissed or forgotten. This isn't the response I hoped for. :confused:

@jflory7 Sorry, we went through a number of things at the end of the meeting after talking about them for a while. This one is moved to my personal to-do list as it was sitting here not really getting any traction. We really do expect the new documents we worked on to help -- there will be a commblog article soon.

@mattdm I see. Even though this ticket was not gaining traction, it is a public ticket anyone can subscribe to and follow. Your personal to-do list is understandably private, but migrating this topic from a public to private task tracker also removes accountability to the community.

Therefore, I feel like closing this ticket now is premature, especially since there is ongoing work to complete this task. My preference is to keep tickets like these open until the follow-up work / communication for the community happens.

I see what you're saying, but I guess from my point of view, there are dozens or hundreds of things like this that could be improved, and I don't see a lot of value in having an open ticket sitting there in the open queue.

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