#142 Request to approve starting structure of the Mindshare Initiative
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This ticket should discuss and then approve a first setup and structure of the MIndshare Initiative. While it is impossible to preview all responsibilities, issues, bottlenecks etc. the best would be to start with something I worked out in the last months and then improve it within Mindshare and the involved outreach teams.
Since the Council FAD I:

  • spoke to long term contributors to know other POV
  • discussed some focal points with @bex, who gave me very good feedback
  • gave a talk at FLOCK to discuss it more, which was really helpful
  • talked again to people from several regions to know their opinion of the final draft

Feedback was always positive and the feeling is, that many contributors are thinking more or less in the same direction. Moreover, the single outreach teams are almost disconnected, if we want to change this situation we should change that soon, rather than expecting things in the future. Finally, a Mindshare committee with a similar structure as the Council will guarantee also a similar quality in terms of discussions and actions.

I am happy to discuss this more, if you feel I am missing some important points. Details, like the new FAmA structure can be discussed and decided directly by the new Mindshare committee, as FAmA will be a sort of right hand of the new body.
Thank you for your feedback and input.


I'm +1 to this.

Let's call the committee the "Fedora Mindshare Committee".

FYI as FAmSCo is indirectly involved there is a FAmSCo ticket to give the Council a suggestion about next elections. The goal is to give the Council FAmSCo's POV before the next meeting.
See https://pagure.io/famsco/issue/440

+1 to this. I'd like @robyduck to coordinate the call for appointments and requesting the election

This is clearly approved. Sorry for not signing off on it earlier.

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