#13 Vote on new Fedora Council governance proposal
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Thank you very much everyone for your thoughtful input on this! Now, let's vote on the new proposal:


Board members, vote either +1, -1, or 0, for "support", "opposed", and "acceptable". As per our meeting today, please vote by Wednesday, October 8th.

If you do vote 0 or -1, please also indicate any changes which would be required to change your vote to +1. Although we are hoping for unanimous consent for this important change, this decision will be made with the current voting method, which is simple majority.

Non-board members: discussion is welcome on the board-discuss mailing list, but for simplicity of counting, please do not vote in the ticket.

If this vote passes: the new structure will go into effect as soon as the elected and community-selected representatives can be seated via election and FESCo/FAmSco processes, and in the worst case no later than the next Fedora election cycle.

I do appreciate everyone's patience and time addressing concerns that I raised. Thanks.



(but with some questions/doubts/concerns that I will outline on our mailing list)

Proposal passes: +9 to 0.

Thank you very much everyone! Now, on to the next steps!

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