#123 Fedora Modules Guidelines and Process
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We plan to create modules as part of F27 Server Edition. As a result, the time has come to formalize the process for creating and approving modules. We have created a draft set of guidelines [1] which need more work and we would like the Council's recommendation on policies for approval.

[1]: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Module:Guidelines?rd=Fedora_Packaging_Guidelines_for_Modules

I feel like content that is expected to be provided by the build system, such as module name, should be flagged off with something other than a SHOULD. We need a class of "you can mess with these but you really shouldn'ts". Should seems to imply a choice that should be more a default to "don't do this."

For audit and future tools purposes, I think we should require content licensing and Module references.

Modularity WG will present guidelines and a process for modules to FESCo for initial approval as a Fedora standard. After that, Modularity WG to own the guidelines and process and have the ability to update as needed without going to FESCo every time, subject to sanity check and possible dispute override by FESCo. In the near future, Modularity WG may be rechartered so maintaining these guidelines is their primary task. ("Module Guidelines Committee" instead of "Modularity WG")

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