#119 Approve Atomic PRD and Lifecycle Plan
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The Atomic WG PRD is complete: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Atomic/PRD

As an additional detail, we have a plan for Atomic release lifecycles and support which is different from the rest of Fedora, so Council approval would be nice: http://www.projectatomic.io/blog/2017/06/future-plans-for-fedora-atomic-release-life-cycle/

Should this go to Council or FESCo? Happy to file with FESCo if that's the better approval body.

There is a lot more discussion about lifecycles and support in the following two tickets:

This looks very nice. Thank you for taking the time to write it up. +1 from me.

This is the right approval body — including for the general concept of the intended lifecycle. Specific engineering details around implementing that lifecycle may be appropriate for FESCo (if they can't be handled by the WG completely internally).

Overall, looks good to me — +1. Let's give this a week for full consensus... that is, need a total of three +1s and no outstanding -1s by June 13th.

It looks good to me, so +1. I especially like the consistency with Server PRD which gives me feeling of overall support and cooperation across Fedora's Working Groups. Thanks for write it up.

So we have three +1s and it's been a week. Is this closed? Do we need to take it to a meeting?

This is approved via lazy consensus.

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