#113 LATAM Budget Overspent
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As treasurer for LATAM I have to inform all kind of situations for my region. Sadly this is a not good one. LATAM budget is overspent. I am sorry.

According to Fedora Budget public website [1], we have spent 142% of our allocated budget. I have done some extra calculations including approved not yet reimbursed tickets. My numbers tell me [2], if reimbursed all tickets, we have spent aprox. 200% of the allocated funds.

Please do not take this ​as a misbehavior. LATAM have few identified (and where we participate mostly) major events, which are FLISoL (Q1), FISL (Q3) and Latinoware (Q3). Most of these events take the most of the budget. The reality is that USD1300 should be sufficient for FLISoL but not for FLISoL plus other events.

This happened because of some reasons:
- First, LATAM have not given the proper sight to you of what are the events that we normally participate​ and will to participate.
- Second, LATAM normally have silos on tickets and never consolidate as events budget. This is something I raised the flag for fixing.
- Third, LATAM usually participate on events not giving proper positive outputs for the project (we are working on re-thinking this).

I told LATAM cardholder (@yn1v) to stop reimbursements. I wanted to ask you for your help to fix the overspent and seek for your guidance to not repeating this bad situation in the near future.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry again.


[1] https://budget.fedoraproject.org/FY18/latam.html
[2] https://pagure.io/ambassadors-latam/tasks/issue/401#comment-437790

It would be helpful for you to put in budget numbers for all of the expected expenses based on approved tickets, etc. that get you from 142% to 200%. This way we know what we are looking at.

It would also be helpful to understand what spending is committed as in someone has already spent it and needs reimbursement versus spending that is just planned and could be halted.

For the events, we need event information about why we are doing the event, what we expect for impact, how we are preparing to achieve that.

You shouldn't have to do all of this work so please include others in the region, especially for the event information. Let me know if I can help.

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Hi @bex!

I would like to set a video-call with you so you can help me out with the ledger and to explain all the spending (current and future). Could be this week.

I am currently asking LATAM Ambassadors to include information about purpose, expectations and preparations.


@potty I'll respond via direct mail

This is blocked by #120 as the resolution is the same.

Budgets for FY18 have been allocated in #120 and posted.

Non-budget direct questions should be asked in a separate issue. Remember that additional funds are available through the council.

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