#108 FAmNA budget increase request for Q1 FY18
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FAmNA is requesting an increase of FY18 budget for Q1 over the approved 10% of FY17 annual budget. FAmNA has several events that take place in Q1 and Q2 of FY18. Ledger will be updated in the evening of 4/10/17 for FAmNA to reflect LFNW, SELF, BITCAMP, and Scale 15X. Ticket submitted to make the council aware of NA event schedule and FAmNA active ambassadors planning ahead.

Once the ledger file is updated with allocation of your current authorization (which was just upped) - please post the amount you are asking for extra in the ticket. Thank you.

I looked at the event wiki pages for the conferences mentioned:

They are very heavily focused on what and who (and when). They don't answer "why?" at all. Before we spend literally thousands of dollars, I'd like to know why we are doing these specific things and what we expect to get out of them. How do these specific events advance Fedora? What alternatives were considered? How will we know if the event achieved its objectives?

I agree with @mattdm here. I was wondering the same thing, but couldn't come up with a way to phrase my question. Matt's request for information matches my inquiry exactly.

I'm not saying, by the way, that there aren't justifications for these events. I read the SCALE 15X event report and found it very interesting and helpful (and I really appreciate the feedback rollup).

mattdm, I edited the wiki for SELF 2017 to include the reasoning behind our attendance. I will include this information during FAmNA's next meeting to include the information the council is looking for. I will shortly put an amount that we are requesting for increase once I crunch the numbers.

@award3535 I haven't seen any updates to the ledger file yet. Can I help you with this somehow?

the increase needed is for media production to support event attendance. FAmNA would like $2,500.00 increase for media production of F26 Release

the increase needed is for media production to support event attendance. FAmNA would like $2,500.00 increase for media production of F26 Release

I was just at both RH Summit and OSCON. Across both events I am only aware of about 5 requests for media.

  • 1 was from spot because he wanted to reinstall a laptop. We resolved this problem :) Also, the laptop was actually old enough it still had a DVD drive.
  • 3-4 were from people who just wanted a flash drive for non-Fedora purposes and were told "Fedora probably has one to give you" - they got nothing and were chill
  • 1 was from a guy who asked for a DVD. When I said, "really? you want a DVD? I'm sorry we didn't print any." He restated he question. It turns out he had a question about using DVDs in Fedora and had misspoken.

Basically I am unconvinced there is any reason to mass produce media for NA events. Can you help the council understand why this is so important and how it fits our strategy? This is probably information whoever is requesting the media should provide.

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Bex, mattdm,
What is our annual budget. From what I see is that we have none. if the Q1 was our annual budget why should we be going to events. For the purpose of this ticket we are no longer going have pressed media made for events. We now have the DVD duplicator in our possession and will make media as needed for each event. closing this ticket

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@award3535 If there is a need for DVD media in NA then we should be producing it professionally. Pressed media is typically of lower quality and of terrible visual presentation.

What I have not seen answered is why are we producing DVD media for NA? All of the evidence I have been shown says that the incidence of readers has decreased significantly and that there is no evidence the DVDs are taken as anything other than souvenirs.

I'd rather see us answer these questions than see the NA team decide that a lower quality experience is better than justifying the expense to do it right.

We in FAmNA discussed at length about DVD's and decided to forgo the pressed media production and look into USB drives to replace the pressed media. We also decided to locally produce what people asked us for at events since the duplicator takes less than 2 minutes to reproduce media that would further enhance a personal customer experience by giving the most updated desktop version they requested. This also will go with have USBs available to locally produce what media the customer requests. We would rather direct the funds in the direction of where technology is heading. @nb and I discussed getting a jump on the media produced prior to the release of F26 so we could get it through, but after the release delay we started to reconsider, then the rejection of this ticket just helped us down that path. @bex please keep in mind that RH summit is more of a corp level event and we mostly attend community events, the request for media is a little different.

@bex Can https://budget.fedoraproject.org/FY18/na.html be edited to provide the dates for the Quarters? Q1 has SCALE listed on that, but iirc that was part of our 2017Q4 budget.

@award3535 I would like to better understand why our targets need DVDs in NA. I am surprised to find that this is such a huge commodity (and apparently others are as well). It is interesting and needs to be explored, not hidden by using substandard burned media. This could very well indicate a need to do multiple pressings of new output during the release cycle.

@paradoxguitarist The SCALE costs were all incurred in late March. I worked with @award3535 to help timeshift as much expense as possible back into FY17, however expenses incurred after March 1, 2017 without regard to when they were approved are considered 2018 costs.

With regards to adding more quarters, @award3535 can do that as there are approved and budgeted events. He emailed me two days ago telling me he would be doing it.

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reopening given continuing discussion.

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Budgets for FY18 have been allocated in #120 and posted.

Non-budget direct questions should be asked in a separate issue. Remember that additional funds are available through the council.

Closing given time since last comment.

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