#102 "Mindshare" position
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Since Christoph Wickert left the council (thanks again for your work Christoph!), we've had a vacant position. That position was initially filled by FAmSCo, but the intention was for the position to be filled by the-to-be-created "FOSCo". For various reasons, that never happened.

Today, in our in-person meeting, the council decided that Robert Mayr (@robyduck) will serve in this role for the next year, and will work a solution for better connection between marketing, ambassadors, and design. (And, figure out where the role should originate after that year.) We're also renaming it to "Mindshare" instead of "Outreach", which we think better captures the idea — this will cover Ambassadors, Marketing, Design, Docs, and basically all of the outward-facing things we do to bring people to Fedora.

This leaves an elected Council position unfilled (until the post-F26 election). We'll figure that out separately.

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