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Status reports from Fedora Editions and Objectives  |  https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/project/dashboard/
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Fedora Editions and Objectives Status

This repository provides a location for Edition and Objective leads to provide status reports to the Fedora Council. Leads are expected to provide updates to their report weekly, and the Fedora Program Manager will publish regular summaries of these reports on the Community Blog.

For guidance on submitting status updates, see the docs.

Local preview

This repo includes scripts to build and preview the contents of this repository.

NOTE: Please note that if you reference pages from other repositoreis, such links will be broken in this local preview as it only builds this repository. If you want to rebuild the whole Fedora Docs site, please see the Fedora Docs build repository for instructions.

Both scripts work on Fedora (using Podman) and macOS (using Docker).

To build and preview the site, run:

$ ./build.sh && ./preview.sh

The result will be available at http://localhost:8080

Installing Podman on Fedora

Fedora Workstation doesn't come with Podman preinstalled by default — so you might need to install it using the following command:

$ sudo dnf install podman

Preview as a part of the whole Fedora Docs site

You can also build the whole Fedora Docs site locally to see your changes in the whole context. This is especially useful for checking if your xref links work properly.

To do this, you need to clone the main Fedora Docs build repository, modify the site.yml file to reference a repo with your changes, and build it. Steps:

Clone the main repository and cd into it:

$ git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/docs-fp-o.git
$ cd docs-fp-o

Find a reference to the repository you're changing in the site.yml file, and change it so it points to your change. So for example, if I made a modification to the Modularity docs, I would find:

   - url: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/modularity.git
       - master

And replaced it with a pointer to my fork:

   - url: https://pagure.io/forks/asamalik/fedora-docs/modularity.git
       - master

I could also point to a local repository, using HEAD as a branch to preview the what's changed without the need of making a commit.

Note: I would need to move the repository under the docs-fp-o directory, because the builder won't see anything above. So I would need to create a repositories directory in docs-fp-o and copy my repository into it.

   - url: ./repositories/modularity
       - HEAD

To build the whole site, I would run the following in the docs-fp-o directory.

$ ./build.sh && ./preview.sh