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  Read more about the xref:fpgm.adoc[Fedora Program Manager's role] and the current FPgM's xref:fpgm.adoc[biography] on the page about this position.


- * Objective Leads: 

+ * Objective Leads:

     *Langdon White* (Fedora Modularity),

     *Dominik Perpeet* (Atomic CI/CD),

+    +

+ Dominik joined the Fedora community as a contributor to the Cockpit project, by

+ interfacing with a lot of different aspects of Fedora through that work and also

+ by becoming part of the Fedora Server SIG. He works at Red Hat as part of the

+ Platform Engineering organization and has a past in automating

+ large scale image analysis (working with colorful pictures). He now enjoys

+ working towards his vision of CI/CD giving the onerous aspects of developing

+ software to a bunch of robots while contributors can focus on creating beautiful

+ things that just work.

+    +

     *Peter Robinson* (Internet of Things)

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