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  To test your changes, first install `asciibinder`


- $ gem install ascii_binder

+ ```console

+ $ sudo dnf install -y rubygem-ascii_binder

+ ```


- To build your changes, from the root directory:

+ To build your changes, from the root of the documentation tree (clone):


- ```

+ ```console

  $ asciibinder package

  $ firefox _package/main/index.html



- **Help wanted**: We need Ruby packaging experts to [help us get asciibinder

- into Fedora as an

- RPM](https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/ruby-sig@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/7ZWMVGQ3RXDWAJNP3OOZXBC57SYB5IF5/).

rubygem-ascii_binder is now in Fedora's repo, and no longer needs to be installed out-of-band. Updated the install command to use dnf instead of gem install, and removed the call for packagers. Fenced example shell transcripts with ```console. Some other light copyediting.

Since we're moving away from asciibinder, we no longer need this. But thanks!

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5 years ago

we're moving away from asciibinder

Just in time! (Now that it's actually in Fedora, I mean.) :wink: