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  * Elected Representative: link:{FWIKI}/User:T0xic0der[*Akashdeep Dhar*] _(f40-f41)_


+ Akashdeep has been a GNU/Linux enthusiast since his early college days with keen interests in networking, cloud computing, self-hosting and operating systems.

+ He works full-time on free and open-source software as a member of Red Hat's Community Platform Engineering team since 2021.

+ Since then, he helps with developing/maintaining projects and monitoring/administrating services on Fedora Infrastructure and CentOS Infrastructure.


  * Elected Representative: link:{FWIKI}/User:Sumantrom[*Sumantro Mukherjee*] _(f37-f38, f39-f40)_


I compiled a biography for @t0xic0der using his previous Initiative Lead
biography and his wiki page. I am using this in the interim, and he can
update it and make revisions as he sees fit.

Closes https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/issue/215.

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