#202 Antora: Update UI style/theme for local preview
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Fedora-Council/ jflory7/council-docs change/theme  into  main

file modified
+5 -5
@@ -17,14 +17,14 @@ 

        start_path: mindshare



-     url: https://asamalik.fedorapeople.org/ui-bundle.zip

+     url: https://gitlab.com/fedora/docs/docs-website/ui-bundle/-/jobs/artifacts/HEAD/raw/build/ui-bundle.zip?job=bundle-stable

      snapshot: true

    default_layout: with_menu

- output: 

-   clean: true 

+ output:

+   clean: true

    dir: ./public

-   destinations: 

-   - provider: archive 


    fetch: true

    cache_dir: ./cache

+ urls:

+   html_extension_style: indexify

We are using an old version of the Fedora Docs theme and UI package.
This commit updates the local Antora config used for the local preview,
so that anyone working on the Fedora Council docs would also see the
same preview locally that they would expect on the production site.

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