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  ** xref:fpl.adoc[Fedora Project Leader]

  ** xref:fca.adoc[Fedora Community Architect]

  ** xref:fpgm.adoc[Fedora Program Manager]

- ** xref:diversity-inclusion:roles:council-advisor.adoc[Fedora D&I Advisor]

+ ** xref:diversity-inclusion:roles:council-advisor.adoc[Fedora D.E.I. Advisor]

  * Council Policies

  ** xref:policy/coc-response-policy.adoc[Code of Conduct Response Policy]

  ** xref:policy/community-publishing-platforms.adoc[Community Publishing Platforms]

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  the request.



- Composition

- -----------

+ == Composition



- Objective Leads

- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ === Objective Leads


  On an ongoing basis, including sessions at Flock and in public online

  meetings, the Council will identify two to four key https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/project/objectives/[community objectives]
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  goals, evaluating and reporting on progress, and working regularly with

  all relevant groups in Fedora to ensure that progress is made.


+ === Representatives


- Representatives

- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ The Council also includes five representative seats, an *Engineering Representative*, a *Mindshare Representative*, a *DEI Advisor* and two *Elected Representatives*.


- The Council also includes four representative seats, an *Engineering

- Representative*, a *Mindshare Representative*, and two *Elected

- Representatives*.

+ ==== Engineering & Mindshare Representatives


  “Engineering” and “Mindshare” are broad areas roughly encompassing two

  of the major areas of activity in Fedora. _Engineering_ is the technical
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  that happens to be voted-in by some subset of Fedora.

  They are selected by contributors working in those areas, under the rules of the xref:fesco::Fedora_Council_Engineering_Rep.adoc[Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)] and the xref:mindshare-committee::procedures/council_rep.adoc[Mindshare Committee], respectively.


+ ==== Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Advisor


+ The *Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Advisor* is a liaison between the Fedora Council and the Fedora Community on topics and issues related to diversity and inclusion in Fedora.

+ The DEI Advisor works with Fedora Council leadership to represent perspectives and voices of the Fedora Community in decision-making and project discussions.

+ Additionally, they also lead initiatives to assess and promote equality and inclusion in close collaboration with the xref:diversity-inclusion::index.adoc[Fedora DEI Team].


+ This position is appointed by members of the Fedora DEI Team, with the approval of the Council.


+ ==== Elected Representatives


  The elected positions cover all Fedora subprojects that are not under the

  engineering or mindshare banners, and the community at large. One

  specific responsibility is to represent the voice of individual
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  currently holds another Council seat can be elected. If a seat becomes

  vacant, the Council will arrange for a temporary replacement.



- Appointed Leadership Positions

- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+ === Appointed Leadership Positions


  *Fedora Project Leader*

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  through the Red Hat Open Source Program Office, and this position facilitates decision-making on how to

  best focus that to meet our collective objectives.


+ === Auxiliary Seats


- Auxiliary Seats

- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


- As with the objective leads, the next two appointed positions are

+ As with the objective leads, the next appointed positions are

  auxiliary seats. They are intended to have significant positive impact

  on the project as a whole, but in order to minimize the overall

  influence of appointed positions vs. those selected by the community,

  their votes in the consensus process are expected to be related to the

  scope of the respective role.


- *Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative*


- The Fedora https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity[Diversity & Inclusion Team]

- works on initiatives to assess and promote equality and inclusion

- within the Fedora contributor and user communities, and helps develop

- project strategy on diversity issues. The Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative

- connects the team's efforts to the Council.


- This position is appointed by members of the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team,

- with the approval of the Council.


  *Fedora Program Manager*


  The https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Program_Management#Fedora_Program_Manager[FPgM] coordinates the planning and
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  https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/council-docs/commits/main[git repository]

  for Council documents.


+ 2023-02-02: Update Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative to DEI Advisor, remove auxiliary status and designate as a full voting member.


  2017-11-15: Update Diversity Advisor to Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative


  2017-10-20: Move current membership list and contact info to separate docs.

This commit changes the Fedora Council charter to use updated language
about the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisor. In 2017, the role was
changed to "Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative", but in its real
function, this was not how the role was utilized in the Council. For
some time, the DEI Team documentation reflects the role as "DEI Advisor"
while the official Council charter does not reflect this. So, the main
change in this is updating the language to match what the DEI Team
includes as role documentation for the DEI Advisor to the Council.

Additionally, the DEI Advisor is now moved from an auxiliary seat to a
full, voting member of the Fedora Council. This is a step as a whole to
retire the auxiliary seats and give every member of the Council an equal
voice and impact in voting and decisions. In function, this is how the
Council already works, but our charter is not reflective of this and
technically the charter is the ultimate truth.

This follows an in-person conversation with @mattdm, and by opening a
Pull Request for this change, requires a Council vote to update the

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I think this whole subhead and the paragraph below should juts be dropped.

I understand your intention with the period-after-each-letter style as a hint to screen readers. However, consistency is important too (and in its own way is an accessibility issue, because it helps in understanding. We should either adopt that wholesale (across Fedora Docs) or keep to our current syyle.

@mattdm wrote…

I think this whole subhead and the paragraph below should juts be dropped.

Let's do that in a new PR for all the auxiliary seats in one go.

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We agreed in the Fedora Council 2023 face-to-face hackfest that this change to the charter is approved. As a note, this is a semantic change that does not change power or role in the Council, but it reflects the current reality for the team. As such, it was not eligible for the policy change proposal.

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