#103 Update references of mailing list to Discourse
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A few references exist in our docs to the council-discuss mailing list and deliberately ask people to share to the mailing list, instead of the new Discourse category we use.


A few pages, like the Council ticket queues procedure page, mentions our old Mailman mailing list. We should do a close pass to see if we mention it anywhere else, and update it.

Creating a reusable attribute with all of our comms platforms in one file might be one way to reduce the burden of this maintenance too…


grep -rnw /path/to/council-docs/ -e "council-discuss"


People can share feedback and leave comments where the Fedora Council will see them

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2 years ago

Hello @jflory7! I would like to work on this issue, could you please tell me if the scope is to create a template with reusable attributes in council/ROOT/partials/ and then replace all the mailing-list appearances for the new one?

What would happen with cases like contact.adoc which explains redirects on engineering subthreads on this deprecated mailing list?


Hi @josseline, thanks for your interest and patience here!

Yes, the scope is to create a reusable attribute, and then use the reusable attribute in all places where the mailing list is mentioned or linked.

For the contact.adoc page, that is a great point! For the most part, the copy-text can stay the same. We should replace "mailing list" with Discourse, and maybe add one new sentence to explain that we used to use mailing lists before we switched to Discourse.

Does this help explain the task at hand? Do you have enough info to feel confident in taking this ticket? Let me know, and I can assign it to you to work on. :smiley:

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