c1edc24 Amend reporting guidelines for Platform moderators

Authored and Committed by jflory7 6 months ago
    Amend reporting guidelines for Platform moderators
    This commit amends the reporting guidelines at the end of the proposal.
    The edit is based on feedback from @rhea in Pull Request #67. It
    encourages reporters to work _first_ with Platform moderators as a first
    response. It deliberately adds language to allow a Platform moderator to
    defer an issue to the Fedora Code of Conduct process at their
    This is a work-around to NOT collect Personally-Identifiable Information
    about day-to-day issues often resolved quickly by an informed Platform
    moderator who may have additional context that is not obvious. This
    work-around hopefully encourages Platform moderators to work with the
    Fedora Council at their own discretion of whether a local issue needs
    escalation. Because making a formal report in the CoC _is_ an
    escalation, from a psychological point-of-view.
    However, it also leaves a pathway for a reporter who is unsatisfied with
    the handling of an issue by a Platform moderator to escalate.
    Signed-off-by: Justin W. Flory (he/him) <git@jwf.io>