#97 koji badges don't count correctly
Closed: Pushed None Opened 9 years ago by ralph.

Problem: Both of the sets of koji badges (both successful builds and failed builds) are being issued incorrectly.

Their "trigger" statement is correct. It only fires off the check when there's a successful or a failed build respectively.

The "criteria" statement is too broad. It queries for all build.state.changed messages, regardless of outcome, and counts them all for both badge types.

So, if I had 200 successful builds and 50 failed builds, I'll get the top failed builds badge for having 250 builds, period.

There needs to be a patch to fedbadges that allows narrowing the criteria further so we can count the builds correctly.

Waiting on the following upstream pull request to be reviewed, merged, and released.


Patch to fedbadges merged and deployed.

New rules added and deployed - https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/badges.git/commit/?id=d933f19cf072d20a99abc84af577fa8fe98f3eae

Old koji badges revoked. The system will re-award them appropriately as time goes on.

Not sure if this is really resolved. Although I have successful build badges, I have no failed build badge. I am pretty sure some build failed to me. Could you please check it?

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5 years ago

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