#543 Flock 2017 Organizer
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This badge is awarded to anyone who helped with planning and preparation for Flock 2017
Make similar to:

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@maryshak1996, same idea from the attendee badge as this one. It needs to be like this one https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/flock-2015-organizer though the logo can be updated/different if you want. The idea is that all of the organizer badges are the same, to keep the same aesthetic going over years and years. We have a few badges like this. The other idea is to help people who are not as experienced with inkscape to just drop in a logo and its ready to go.. thanks!

I changed it to be consistent with the rest of the organizer badges, but updated the logo to match this years' colors and made the color of the "2017" match that color scheme (looked kind of funky to have another blue shade going on in addition to the teal colors of this years logo), but I can change that color back if needed

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Thanks @maryshak1996 artwork approved!

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