#529 Badge Request: Flisol 2017
Closed: pushed 5 years ago Opened 6 years ago by williamjmorenor.

Hello @williamjmorenor ! Do you have a deadline? I suppose a simple year change is what you require?

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5 years ago

Some feedback about this? A year change is the minimal change, so that's ok. Deadline can be just before next FLISoL next year, but we will really appreciate if it can be done soon. We want to reward our ambassadors for the great effort it takes to attend or organize this event.

Hi @x3mboy ! I'll take this ticket.

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5 years ago

Png files:


Svg files:



Thanks so much! They are awesome!

@mleonova Is this still needed/usable? Or should we close and make a new ticket for flisol 2018?

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5 years ago

@riecatnor I'm not sure. @x3mboy what is the status for this one?


many people in latam is asking about this badge so I wan to request access to grant those badges based on reports of Flisol events in the planet.

There is a ticket in the ambassadors latam repo: https://pagure.io/ambassadors-latam/tasks/issue/390

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5 years ago

@williamjmorenor @mleonova @sayanchowdhury artwork is approved for this. let's go ahead and push it

Badges pushed



Both badges are pushed and live, and @williamjmorenor has privileges to award both. :smile: Closing ticket as pushed, please let us know if anything seems out of placeā€¦

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5 years ago

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