#156 Allow to merge event from various account
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When email address used in ask.fedoraproject.org or bugzilla.redhat.com is not the default one, badges are not given.

Ex, for me:

So allow users to add alternate email in their profil will be great.

Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2016-12-01/badges.2016-12-01-18.59.html 2016-12-01 meeting].

Hi Remi, thanks for filing this ticket. Today, Sayan and I did a triage of issues for Fedora Badges / Tahrir in preparation for the coming revamp of Tahrir in coming months. I filed an [https://github.com/fedora-infra/tahrir/issues/354 upstream issue] for this ticket in the Tahrir project. Feel free to subscribe to that and leave any further comments there. Thanks again for filing!

Metadata Update from @remi:
- Issue assigned to jflory7

4 years ago

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