#150 Testing days participation

Created 3 years ago by zdenek
Modified 3 months ago

What the badge should be granted for:
- for submitting testing results on Wiki during Fedora test days.

Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):
- I proudly support Fedora test days

Anything else we need to know:
- if possible, could be split to several classes based on effort given to test participation (e.g. differ between 1 submit, more and lots of submits)


  • to make the badge collection more competitive and interesting, there could be specific badge(s) for each test day (e.g. one has to participate in all test days to get whole Test Days badges collection)

Now that we have the [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:TestdayApp?rd=User:Jskladan/Sandbox:TestdayApp TestDay App] maybe it could hook into that.

I'd been thinking this could be one separate badge for each Fedora release (e.g. "I proudly support Fedora 20 test days"), and/or a set of counter badges for total {{{TestDay App}}} submissions.

+1, especially if we can hook in to the TestDay app.

Do we have any update on this trac?
I am planning for test day invite blog.
If this can be done, I can mention about this badge to attract more audience

Any ideas for artwork? I'd like to help out with a design

Possible artwork concepts: Room of badgers & pandas taking a test(it would be cute to include one trying to cheat). A series could be a test paper with a circled A+, B, C, D, & F on front.

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