This repository records task and engagements for the Fedora Badges project. Fedora Badges is a fun website built to recognize contributors to the Fedora Project, help new and existing Fedora contributors find different ways to get involved, and encourage the improvement of Fedora's infrastructure.

Here you can:

  • Submit badge ideas
  • Contribute badge designs
  • Contribute code
  • Contribute to badges site design and make usability improvements
  • Submit bug reports

To get started on designing Fedora Badges, visit the wiki page or take a look at this How To by mleonova. Find the resources you need in this issue.

If you are searching the Feora Badges Assets, such as SVGs and PNGs, you can find them in the fedora-badges-assets repository.

Because this is mainly a volunteer-staffed team, we can’t guarantee to handle all tickets. If you think a ticket needs attention, try to contact the owner and see if they are working on it, or stop by in #fedora-design in IRC. If you don't hear from them within a week you can probably take the ticket over. If you want to carry on a longer conversation with the team, you are welcome to join our mailing list.