#2 Remove the $FGC from the container name
Opened 2 years ago by cverna. Modified 2 years ago

Removing the $FGC from the container name would make the container image easier to find in the registry.

The $FGC is currently set to the version of the fedora base image (ie f28). this results in the images to be named in the registry f28/container_name for example registry.fedoraproject.org/f28/kubernetes-kubelet

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2 years ago

To do this we need the following to be done :

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2 years ago

I would like to work on this, but as I'm not part of any other group I won't be able to edit the wiki page (You need to have at least CLA+1 (group)).

@bhavin192 I think if you want to get involved in the containers more, you should look in to getting sponsored in to the packager group. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_get_sponsored_into_the_packager_group
Or actually any other group that would make sense to you(but i don't know any other).
Maybe one more question have you accepted the CLA in FAS https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement ?

@cverna @ttomecek Do you know if we have sponsor among us?

For the record I have opened issue to discuss if we need "container packager" group. #9

@bhavin192 for know you can request to be added to the wiki edit group, for that you need to open a ticket in the fedora-infra tickets repo https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure

@jcajka thank you for the information. Yes, I have signed the CLA.
@cverna I have opened ticket for wikiedit group, thank you.

@cverna do I need to send PR for f28, f29 branches as well, along with master branch?

@bhavin192 it would be nice that way the maintainer only have to check the PR and merge. Using git cherry-pick should make this relatively quick and I guess there is a way to script it.

I have started to look at issue #1, so you can check out some of the PR I did there.

@cverna yep, you are right. I just checked your PRs on https://src.fedoraproject.org/container/cassandra
I will follow the same way

@bhavin192 if you have not opened any PR yet, it might be better to wait a little bit with this change. I just realize that it might give us trouble with how we manage the latest tag.

I ll tag this issue to be discussed during our meetings.

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2 years ago

@cverna Okay sure, I have created just one PR, I will wait. May I know the calendar url of meetings?

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

@cverna thank you for the link, I was not aware about the channel as well. Would like to help on #1.

We will experiment with using the container.yml file in distgit to manage the tags produced by OSBS.
Once this is tested we can look at updating our guidelines and give controls of the tags to the packager maintainer.

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2 years ago

So we can set a custom tag using the container.yaml file in dist-git. This has for effect that OSBS will not generate the latest tag anymore.
The latest tag will be applied by bodhi during the daily update pushes.

Example of container.yaml

  - 3.6.0

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2 years ago

@cverna could you point to an example for using the container.yml? I'd would like to get this documented in https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/containers/.

I agree that this would make the container a bit easier to find, but
some people (for production I'd guess everyone) will still be interested
to pick the underlying fedora version (f28/f29/...). Obvious reason is
that each fedora release is completely different, and even though the
particular (major) component did not change between fedora releases
- it still depends on many (transitive..) dependencies which change.

That said, if we named the container like registry.fedoraproject.org/postgresql
instead of registry.fedoraproject.org/f28/postgresql, how am I able to pick
the image built on top of F28? Is that going to be in image tag?

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