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A step by step guide on how to change your car battery at home easy and fast!  |
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A step by step guide on how to change your car battery at home easy and fast! Check the full guide here: How to find out if your battery needs replacement? There is one very easy test to determine if your car needs a new battery. First, try to light your car at night with the headlights on. If their light is foggy, free up speed, raise manual and apply gas to boost speed. If your battery is low, the headlights will start to glow brighter as you press the accelerator pedal. And the easiest way to determine if it is exhausted is because your car will not light at all nor will the headlights shine.How to find out which is the best battery for your car?

Generally speaking, each model and make of a car according to its technical parameters needs a different type of battery. Many modern cars are equipped with electronic devices and have powerful computers that run all the time and require energy, even when the vehicle is parked and the engine is off.

To make the right choice, you need to know the manufacturer's recommendations for your car. Once you have this information on you can find the appropriate battery that is best suited to your car's needs. How to install the new battery?

Although it is best to have a new battery installed by a specialist, you can also do it quickly and easily, especially if you follow the steps below. step 1 Before you start, park in the same place, lift the manual one and put the keys in your pocket, because leaving them on the dashboard may cause the central unit to change and you cannot unlock your car.

Step 2 For safety reasons, we advise you to use safety gloves and goggles, especially when the battery is heavily corroded and may leak.

Step 3 Before removing the old battery, make sure you have all the necessary PINs and electrical system settings, such as navigation data, radio, and more, that will be reset as soon as you disconnect the terminals.

Step 4 It is important to know what the positive and negative terminals are, with blue always negative and marked with (-) and positive with red (+).

Step 5 When disconnecting the battery, you always start from the negative terminal and then the positive terminal.

Step 6 Be sure to remove the old battery straight without tilting it sideways to eliminate the risk of acid spills.

Step 7 Place the new battery in the designated location, making sure that its positive and negative poles are located in the same way as the old one. Then remove the plastic protective covers from the terminals by first connecting the positive (+) terminal and then the negative (-). It is important that you follow exactly this sequence!