#7 Replace handwritten tables of contents with autogenerated ones
Closed 2 years ago by hhlp. Opened 2 years ago by pbokoc.

User and moderator SOPs each have a big table of contents on top. These seem to be maintained by hand, which is unnecessarily complicated, and they aren't clickable, which hampers their effectiveness.

Get rid of the entire list from both sources, and instead put this right at the top of the file (above the top level heading, on a separate line):


This will generate a ToC during a build each time based on headings within the source file, so if you change a heading, or add or remove one, the ToC will automatically change as well. The autogenerated one also lets you click each heading to go directly there.

Additionally you might want to add another line with :experimental: which enables some extra ASCIIDoc markup - it doesn't seem necessary for these docs in particular (the extra markup is stuff like btn:[] if I recall correctly), but it doesn't hurt either and we use it in a lot of our other docs.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

thx @pbokoc for your suggestion, the life is a continue learning process

I fix it, now

:experimental: is for UI Macros:



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2 years ago

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