* Building - standard autotools - Do not edit configure or Makefile or -
    Instead, change or, then run autoreconf -fvi - do not
    attempt to run aclocal or automake or autoconf - only use autoreconf -fvi - this
    also applies to the files in m4/

* Build process
0. Properties are in dbtdsgw.h - this file is used to generate the resource bundles
    and is also used in the source code to refer to the resource key
1. build propmaker
2. use propmaker to parse dbtdsgw.h and generate
3. use to "compile" into dsgw_root.res
4. build the executable CGI programs
5. For a make install, copy the files to their desired directories - if you just
    want to see how the files with be laid out in the file system, use
    make DESTDIR=built/ install # create destination directory structure under built/
    make DESTDIR=/tmp/dsgwbuild/ # create dest dir under /tmp/dsgwbuild/
    rpmbuild will typically do something like the latter