506c6bf Resolves: bug 471681

Authored and Committed by rmeggins 12 years ago
    Resolves: bug 471681
    Bug Description: DSGW authenticate multi-result hyperlinks broken
    Reviewed by: nhosoi (Thanks!)
    Fix Description: 1) The quoting was a bit off.  The DSGW code adds double quotes at the beginning and end of the javascript.  We have to use %22 to have DSGW emit double quotes in the right places where other double quotes are needed.
    2) If you are attempting to auth as a real user, and you have password policy on such that the user must change the password after reset, and you are using a binddn instead of the default anon, the auth screen would not prompt you for your old password, because it thought you were already bound as the binddn.  The binddn is not a real user in this case, and so should not be considered when testing for "bound".
    Platforms tested: RHEL5
    Flag Day: no
    Doc impact: no
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