#51191 Issue 51188 - db2ldif crashes when LDIF file can't be accessed
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spichugi/389-ds-base i51188  into  master

@@ -871,6 +871,7 @@ 

              slapi_log_err(SLAPI_LOG_ERR, "bdb_db2ldif",

                      "db2ldif: %s: can't open %s: %d (%s) while running as user \"%s\"\n",

                      inst->inst_name, fname, errno, dblayer_strerror(errno), slapdFrontendConfig->localuserinfo->pw_name);

+             we_start_the_backends = 0;

              return_value = -1;

              goto bye;


Bug Description: db2ldif crashes when we set '-a LDIF_PATH' to a place that
can't be accessed by the user (dirsrv by default)

Fix Description: Don't attempt to close DB if we bail after a failed
attempt to open LDIF file.


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rebased onto 68f8011

2 years ago

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