#50936 Ticket 50935 - systemd override in lib389 for dscontainer
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@@ -405,8 +405,8 @@ 

          # We can't assume the paths state yet ...

          self.ds_paths = Paths(instance=self, local=False)

          # Set the default systemd status. This MAY be overidden in the setup utils

-         # as required.

-         # self.systemd = self.ds_paths.with_systemd

+         # as required, generally for containers.

+         self.systemd_override = None


          # Reset the args (py.test reuses the args_instance for each test case)

          # We allocate a "default" prefix here which allows an un-allocate or
@@ -1721,6 +1721,8 @@ 

          return self.ds_paths.asan_enabled


      def with_systemd(self):

+         if self.systemd_override is not None:

+             return self.systemd_override

          return self.ds_paths.with_systemd


      def get_server_tls_subject(self):

@@ -811,14 +811,15 @@ 

          # Create certdb in sysconfidir

          self.log.debug("ACTION: Creating certificate database is %s", slapd['cert_dir'])


-         # BELOWE THIS LINE - all actions are now ONLINE changes to the directory server.

+         # BELOW THIS LINE - all actions are now ONLINE changes to the directory server.



          # Should I move this import? I think this prevents some recursion

          from lib389 import DirSrv

          ds_instance = DirSrv(self.verbose)

-         # if self.containerised:

-         #     ds_instance.systemd = general['systemd']

+         if self.containerised:

+             ds_instance.systemd_override = general['systemd']


          args = {

              SER_PORT: slapd['port'],

              SER_SERVERID_PROP: slapd['instance_name'],

Bug Description: A change to how with_systemd works has caused dscontainer
to no longer be able to setup instances, as with_systemd always evals to
true from defaults.inf as the marker file isn't written yet - post setup
this works.

Fix Description: To resolve this, a systemd override is required, that
allows the setup to ignore the systemd status as the external tools
"know better" than defaults inf up to that point. Post install, this
works as the marker would be inplace.


Author: William Brown william@blackhats.net.au

Review by: ???

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