#50626 Ticket 50617 - disable cargo lock
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@@ -1205,14 +1205,14 @@ 


  @abs_top_builddir@/rs/@rust_target_dir@/librsds.a: $(librsds_la_SOURCES)

  	CARGO_TARGET_DIR=$(abs_top_builddir)/rs RUSTC_BOOTSTRAP=1 \

- 		cargo rustc --manifest-path=$(srcdir)/src/libsds/Cargo.toml --locked \

+ 		cargo rustc --manifest-path=$(srcdir)/src/libsds/Cargo.toml \

  		$(CARGO_FLAGS) --verbose -- $(RUSTC_FLAGS)


  EXTRA_DIST = $(librsds_la_SOURCES) $(librsds_la_EXTRA)



  	CARGO_TARGET_DIR=$(abs_top_builddir)/rs RUSTC_BOOTSTRAP=1 \

- 		cargo test --manifest-path=$(srcdir)/src/libsds/Cargo.toml --locked

+ 		cargo test --manifest-path=$(srcdir)/src/libsds/Cargo.toml



  # Just build the tqueue in C.

Bug Description: We need cargo lock for future offline builds, but
the version of cargo in suse/rhel seems to old to support vendoring.

Fix Description: For now, disable this, and rely on "online" builds
(but we have no/few external deps anyway)


Author: William Brown william@blackhats.net.au

Review by: ???

I'm fine with this as well. We should just be aware that e.g. for Fedora's Koji (CentOS likewise) online builds are not an option AFAIK.

Yep, I'm aware - we'll want offline builds at SUSE too. We need cargo vendor to be in place though so that we can pre-download any libs so we can use --locked in our makefile.

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