#49841 Ticket 49840 - ds-replcheck command returns traceback errors against ldif files having garbage content when run in offline mode
Closed a year ago by spichugi. Opened 3 years ago by mreynolds.
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@@ -10,18 +10,19 @@ 



  import os

+ import sys

  import re

  import time

  import ldap

  import ldapurl

  import argparse

  import getpass


+ from ldif import LDIFRecordList

  from ldap.ldapobject import SimpleLDAPObject

  from ldap.cidict import cidict

  from ldap.controls import SimplePagedResultsControl


- VERSION = "1.3"

+ VERSION = "1.4"

  RUV_FILTER = '(&(nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff)(objectclass=nstombstone))'

  LDAP = 'ldap'

  LDAPS = 'ldaps'
@@ -394,14 +395,17 @@ 

      return result



- def get_dns(LDIF, opts):

+ def get_dns(LDIF, filename, opts):

      ''' Get all the DN's from an LDIF file


      dns = []

      found = False

+     found_ruv = False

+     LDIF.seek(0)

      for line in LDIF:

          if line.startswith('dn: ') and line[4:].startswith('nsuniqueid=ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff-ffffffff'):

              opts['ruv_dn'] = line[4:].lower().strip()

+             found_ruv = True

          elif line.startswith('dn: '):

              found = True

              dn = line[4:].lower().strip()
@@ -415,6 +419,14 @@ 

              found = False



+     if not found_ruv:

+         print('Failed to find the database RUV in the LDIF file: ' + filename + ', the LDIF ' +

+               'file must contain replication state information.')

+         dns = None

+     else:

+         # All good, reset cursor

+         LDIF.seek(0)


      return dns


@@ -423,6 +435,7 @@ 



      result = ldif_search(LDIF, opts['ruv_dn'])

+     LDIF.seek(0)  # Reset cursor

      return result['entry'].data['nsds50ruv']


@@ -557,6 +570,7 @@ 

      rconflicts = []

      rtombstones = 0

      mtombstones = 0

+     idx = 0


      # Open LDIF files

@@ -569,12 +583,36 @@ 

          RLDIF = open(opts['rldif'], "r")

      except Exception as e:

          print('Failed to open Replica LDIF: ' + str(e))

+         MLDIF.close()

+         return None


+     # Verify LDIF Files

+     try:

+         print("Validating Master ldif file ({})...".format(opts['mldif']))

+         LDIFRecordList(MLDIF).parse()

+     except ValueError:

+         print('Master LDIF file in invalid, aborting...')

+         MLDIF.close()

+         RLDIF.close()

+         return None

+     try:

+         print("Validating Replica ldif file ({})...".format(opts['rldif']))

+         LDIFRecordList(RLDIF).parse()

+     except ValueError:

+         print('Replica LDIF file is invalid, aborting...')

+         MLDIF.close()

+         RLDIF.close()

          return None


      # Get all the dn's, and entry counts

      print ("Gathering all the DN's...")

-     master_dns = get_dns(MLDIF, opts)

-     replica_dns = get_dns(RLDIF, opts)

+     master_dns = get_dns(MLDIF, opts['mldif'], opts)

+     replica_dns = get_dns(RLDIF, opts['rldif'], opts)

+     if master_dns is None or replica_dns is None:

+         print("Aborting scan...")

+         MLDIF.close()

+         RLDIF.close()

+         sys.exit(1)

      m_count = len(master_dns)

      r_count = len(replica_dns)

@@ -583,11 +621,6 @@ 

      opts['master_ruv'] = get_ldif_ruv(MLDIF, opts)

      opts['replica_ruv'] = get_ldif_ruv(RLDIF, opts)


-     # Reset the cursors

-     idx = 0

-     MLDIF.seek(idx)

-     RLDIF.seek(idx)


      """ Compare the master entries with the replica's.  Take our list of dn's from

      the master ldif and get that entry( dn) from the master and replica ldif.  In

      this phase we keep keep track of conflict/tombstone counts, and we check for

Description: Added a basic check to see if the LDIF files are actually
LDIF files. Also added checks that the database RUV are
present as well.


Reviewed by: ?

I think it will be better if verify_ldif_file will check the whole file. It doesn't cost us much but saves us from many issues in the future.

We can improve it with something like this (ldif is part of python-ldap):

with open("/tmp/export_master2.ldif", 'rb') as f:

It will throw an error if the ldif file is bad:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 2, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/ldif.py", line 461, in parse
    return self.parse_entry_records() # parse()
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/ldif.py", line 425, in parse_entry_records
    raise ValueError('Line %d: First line of record does not start with "dn:": %s' %     (self.line_counter,repr(k)))
ValueError: Line 28: First line of record does not start with "dn:": 'modifyTimestamp'

If you'll catch it like this, we can have a clean logged error:

with open("/tmp/export_master2.ldif", 'rb') as f:
    except ValueError as e:

It will print Line 28: First line of record does not start with "dn:": 'modifyTimestamp'

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3 years ago

Couple of small issues here...
First, I think you need to reset the cursor somewhere here, because 'get_dns(MLDIF, opts)' fails overwise. LDIFRecordList will read the data from MLDIF and RLDIF and the cursor will be in the end of the file.

Second, if the LDIFRecordList().parse() fails then we don't close() the MLDIF and RLDIF files...

Overwise, looks good to me!

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