#49621 Ticket 46918 - Fix compiler warnings on arm
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Description: On "arm" architecture there were many compiler warnings
and after fixing some it also addressed a crash in replication
when trying to update the agreement maxcsn.

          All upstream architectures build without compiler warnings,
          and coverity scan did not report any regressions.


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I am not sure if I understand why it was changed?
If it is not a mistake, then we have the same line in bpt_cow.c:
src/libsds/sds/bpt_cow/bpt_cow.c:569: char *path = malloc(sizeof(char) * 20);

Typos in the commit massage:
" All updatream acrhcituctures ".

Besides that, the change looks good to me.

Ack from me too. Looks good.

@mreynolds @spichugi This has been acked, can we rebase and merge :)

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