#51136 dsctl does not report errors in json
Closed: wontfix 2 years ago by mreynolds. Opened 2 years ago by mreynolds.

Issue Description

If dsctl is called with the json object --json the error needs to be in JSON too. This is breaking the UI when something goes wrong with dsctl like an instance failing to start

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- Custom field rhbz adjusted to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1751224

2 years ago

Commit af87048 fixes this issue

3d98eb1..a8eca1a 389-ds-base-1.4.3 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.3

dbae8c8..d3e9456 389-ds-base-1.4.2 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.2

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- Issue close_status updated to: None (was: Fixed)

2 years ago

22c5149..632a8e0 master -> origin/master
48572f6..d6ca851 389-ds-base-1.4.2 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.2
7624c59..7c08919 389-ds-base-1.4.3 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.3

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2 years ago

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