#50960 [RFE] Advance options in RHDS Disk Monitoring Framework
Closed: wontfix 2 years ago by spichugi. Opened 2 years ago by spichugi.

Issue Description

Assuming the threshold is set for 50 MB, as soon the disk space is less than 50 MB, 389 DS will stop logging & when disk space is half the threshold i.e. 25MB ds will shut down, In this case, the application will come into the picture and in order to self heal, Try to start the ds, Since disk space is still an issue, 389 DS will again shut down the service & smanager will try to start it again. Well in this cycle, There is often chances data will get corrupt.
This RFE is opened to make rhds disk monitororing more robust.

Add two attributes to cn=config:

  • nsslapd-disk-monitoring-readonly-on-threshold - it accepts 'on/off' values and changes the original behavior so when we reach the threshold, we set the read-only mode (and then we do other actions - like disable non-critical logging, etc.). When we reach half of the threshold, we start the graceful shutdown as it was before. We don't start up if the disk space is still below half of the threshold.

  • nsslapd-disk-monitoring-shutdown-script - this attribute accepts a path to a script (any executable) which will be run at the moment of a graceful shutdown at half of the threshold (it will be run as the user who runs ns-slapd process). It will allow initiating the process which can take a backup, send mail to an admin about disk space alarm or any other custom command.

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