#50952 SSCA lacks basicConstraint:CA
Closed: wontfix 3 years ago by vashirov. Opened 3 years ago by mhonek.

Issue Description

SSCA CA cert lacks basicConstraint:CA and for that reason it may not be
acknowledged as a CA cert by some tools, e.g. in case of system-wide
update-ca-trust tool.

Package Version and Platform


Steps to reproduce

  1. dscreate an instance with SSCA.
  2. trust anchor /etc/dirsrv/ssca/ca.crt
  3. Observe trust list for this certificate does not have category: authority tag.

Metadata Update from @mhonek:
- Custom field origin adjusted to None
- Custom field reviewstatus adjusted to None
- Custom field rhbz adjusted to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1809279

3 years ago

08066be..483f0d2 389-ds-base-1.4.2 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.2
1b35628..9c5cfbd 389-ds-base-1.4.1 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.1

Metadata Update from @mhonek:
- Issue close_status updated to: None (was: Fixed)

3 years ago

I get a TypeError on python 3.6:

>       with Popen(*popenargs, **kwargs) as process:                 
E       TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'capture_output'                                                                                            

/usr/lib64/python3.6/subprocess.py:423: TypeError

capture_output was added in 3.7 and it just sets stdout and stderr to PIPE:

I think we should use python 3.6 as a baseline.

Metadata Update from @vashirov:
- Issue status updated to: Open (was: Closed)

3 years ago

20a2d01..c4e7736 389-ds-base-1.4.1 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.1
1d8eb25..03bb5ba 389-ds-base-1.4.2 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.2

Metadata Update from @vashirov:
- Issue close_status updated to: None (was: Fixed)

3 years ago

Commit d268928 relates to this ticket

389-ds-base is moving from Pagure to Github. This means that new issues and pull requests
will be accepted only in 389-ds-base's github repository.

This issue has been cloned to Github and is available here:
- https://github.com/389ds/389-ds-base/issues/4005

If you want to receive further updates on the issue, please navigate to the github issue
and click on subscribe button.

Thank you for understanding. We apologize for all inconvenience.

Metadata Update from @spichugi:
- Issue close_status updated to: wontfix

3 years ago

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