#50689 Failed db restore task does not report an error
Closed: fixed 2 months ago by mreynolds. Opened 2 months ago by mreynolds.

Issue Description

If you have a back up that contains a backend that is not configured the restore fails, but a success return code is returned to the client

04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.002442235 -0500] - INFO - task_restore_thread - Beginning restore to 'ldbm database'
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.007186740 -0500] - INFO - ldbm_back_archive2ldbm - Bringing userRoot offline...
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.010147047 -0500] - INFO - bdb_pre_close - Waiting for 4 database threads to stop
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.675774625 -0500] - INFO - bdb_pre_close - All database threads now stopped
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.690417715 -0500] - ERR - bdb_restore - Target server has no markRoot configured
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.699842329 -0500] - ERR - ldbm_back_archive2ldbm - Failed to read backup file set. Either the directory specified doesn't exist, or it exists but doesn't contain a valid backup set, or file permissions prevent the server reading the backup set.  error=53 (Invalid request descriptor)
[04/Nov/2019:12:35:15.729809570 -0500] - INFO - task_restore_thread - Restore finished.

The task shows:

dn: cn=restore_2019-11-04T08:50:40.791250,cn=restore,cn=tasks,cn=config
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
nsarchivedir: /var/lib/dirsrv/slapd-test/bak/backup-2019_11_04_08_49_35
nsdatabasetype: ldbm database
cn: restore_2019-11-04T08:50:40.791250
nsTaskCurrentItem: 0
nsTaskTotalItems: 1
nsTaskCreated: 20191104135040Z
nsTaskLog: Beginning restore to 'ldbm database'
Bringing userRoot offline...
dblayer_restore - Target server has no userRoot2 configured
Failed to read the backup file set from /var/lib/dirsrv/slapd-test/bak/backup-2019_11_04_08_49_35
Restore finished.
nsTaskStatus: Restore finished.
nsTaskExitCode: 0

Metadata Update from @mreynolds:
- Custom field origin adjusted to None
- Custom field reviewstatus adjusted to None

2 months ago

Metadata Update from @mreynolds:
- Custom field rhbz adjusted to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1751019

2 months ago

Commit 1747f91 relates to this ticket

49c7044..fb67a9a 389-ds-base-1.4.1 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.1

2be6a34..1697873 389-ds-base-1.4.0 -> 389-ds-base-1.4.0

Metadata Update from @mreynolds:
- Issue close_status updated to: fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 months ago

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