#50554 Cockpit incorrectly shows that a server is in read-only mode
Closed: fixed 4 months ago by mreynolds. Opened 10 months ago by mmuehlfeldrh.

Issue Description

On a read-write instance, the Cockpit shows that it is in read-only mode.
See attached screenshot.

Package Version and Platform


Steps to reproduce

  1. Verify on the console that read-only mode is disabled:
    dsconf instance_name config get nsslapd-readonly
    nsslapd-readonly: off

  2. In Cockpit (Server Settings / Advanced Settings), the "Server Read-Only" checkbox is enabled.

Actual results

Cockpit doesn't show the real value of nsslapd-readonly.

Expected results

Cockpit should show the current setting of nsslapd-readonly.


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