#50548 No option to create a private key/CSR with dsconf/Cockpit
Opened 10 months ago by mmuehlfeldrh. Modified 4 months ago

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There's no way to create a private key and a CSR with dsconf/Cockpit.
However, features for importing a certificate exists, but DS also requires the private key in the NSS database to use the certificate.

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Users must create the private key and then the CSR with certutil in DS's NSS database (same as in the past).
Then the CSR can be used to request a certificate from the CA and, later, the certificate can be imported with dsconf/Cockpit.

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10 months ago

Another (related) missing feature is adding a CRL to the NSS database.

Yeah, I always wanted dsconf to have the private key handling available, but I think it was implemented differently with the webui. Anyway, this would be good to have.

@mhonek I think we may want a seperate issue for CRL handling?

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