#50517 Problem NDN cache count
Closed: wontfix a year ago by mreynolds. Opened a year ago by mreynolds.

Issue Description

I set up a generic instance of 1.4.1, with only a few sample entries in the database, but after doing a few operations the NDN cache count is very high (much higher than worker threads * number of entries). So either the count if off, or we are adding duplicate DN's to each thread's NDN cache.

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a year ago

Every thread has it's own NDN cache, so they may end up with duplicate numbers yes. As well the counter is asynchronously updated in the threads so I think this is not a bug - it's an 'estimate' not accurate.

Well I can't reproduce the large growth. But once I did see the count was at 2003 dn's in the cache, but there was only 19 entries in that db. So 24 worker threads * 19 entries is 456. So 2003 is a big difference. Was the counter off, or were we actually storing multiple DNs in the each thread's cache and wasting memory? Hard to say since I can't reproduce it.

I'm going to close this issue, and if I see it again I'll reopen it.

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a year ago

It's a count of the un-normalised inputs -> normalised forms, so 24 works * 19 entries * 4 different capitalisations of those (IE CN=Mark, cn=Mark, cn=mark, Cn=Mark, CN=mark). would quickly approach 2000 ish.

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