#50516 Plugin class should be more robust
Opened 3 months ago by vashirov. Modified 2 months ago

Issue Description

Some plugins have their config pre-created in dse.ldif template, some don't. When a Plugin object is created, it doesn't check the presence of the config dn. And we end up writing supporting code for each case. Plugin class should check if the config dn is present, and create it if not.

There is already a stateful "create" option which is "create if not exist, or update to match this definition" as part of DSLdapObject, so you just need to use that function instead of create. It's "ensure_state".

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3 months ago

Shouldn't we use it by default for plugins then?

Yes we should ... I think that this function was made "after" people started using create, and maybe didn't know it existed.

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