#50502 Evaluation if connection flag c_state can be removed
Closed: invalid 3 months ago by firstyear. Opened 4 months ago by tbordaz.

Issue Description

The flag c_state is used when a slot is found to handle a new connection. It is used to initialize c_mutex and allocate c_pdumutex.

It looks over complicated and this ticket is to evaluate if we can get rid of that flag.
Basically c_pdumutex should be allocated at the creation of the connection table.
Then a free slot is only retrieved with connection_is_free.
It is assumed that if connection_is_free, then c_mutex and c_pdumutex should be free. (we could assert a trylock on c_mutex).

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All versions

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I just add this because c_mutex is no longer a pointer so you can't a != NULL check on it, and if we change pdumutex also to pthread, the same will be true there. So then there won't be a distinction between free/not that we can use besides a c_state flag. Later I would like to move connection state to c_state rather than c-flags too which could clarify things too. So I think this is not to be removed.

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