#50457 How to handle schema conflict from sample data and core.
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Issue Description

We now load schema from the system directory, to allow updates from rpm to upgrade and improve the schema of the system, without requirement of the upgrade scripts that are incompatible with containers.

However it was pointed out that 2307 and 2307bis are conflicting, and some people may want to replace and use bis. We should solve this, especially as those two types have conflicts and can not easily be used at the same time.

Additionally, there is some sample-schemas that could be considered valid for some functions we could review and deploy into the main schema directory.

Couldn't we change code that loads schemas so that when a schema file with the same name as some in /usr/share/dirsrv/schema is found in /etc/dirsrv/schema then it is considered its override? This way one could create an empty file /etc/dirsrv/schema/10rfc2307.ldif and add their *bis schema painlessly.

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@mhonek That is actually a pretty reasonable idea. I think the current method is to parse all the .ldif in /usr first, then to parse .ldif in /etc, so we'd probably need to change it to walk both locations at the same time and if a file is in both, you take the /etc version, and to allow empty as a valid input.

@mhonek, I agree with @firstyear it looks a convenient idea for admin. Changes are not immediate but should not be that difficult

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